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Link al video trailer TRAILER cj2.mp4 su Vimeo


Having tested our previous cooperation in the show: “Concert Jouet” which had its debut in 2016. The voice and cello duo (Lombardo/Torsi) engages this time in a new show. Performing several musical genres (Classical, Musical, New Age, Polyphonic Music, Duet).

Thus is born, in September 2021, the musical show: “Concert Jouet 2: Temp in Ecstasy”.
The duo will contribute to the definition of these genres in an original and over the top style. Unexpected and misleading (with elements of puppet theatre which will be strongly present on stage). But at the same time, it will show different perspectives. Suggesting how even in serious and pompous musical languages, always hides a vein of precariousness, clumsiness and brilliance.

Direction: Luisella Tamietto
Voice: Paola Lombardo
Cello: Paola Torsi